Fully aware of the investment opportunities and economic growth of our country, in Cambra La Duke & Co. we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for investors and entrepreneurs:

Advice on foreign investment. We work as your partners in each stage of the investment process in new or established Panamanian companies, taking as a priority that your interests are respected and advising you according to what is most convenient for you.

Real Estate. We advise and assist you in processes of purchasing and selling real estate developments for commercial, industrial or residential use, according to your purposes in our country.

Immigration Law. We study your immigration profile to advise you on the provisional or permanent residence that best suits you and proceed with the necessary procedures. Also, we support you in related procedures to normalize your immigration status in Panama, such as work permit and driver’s license.

Corporate Law. We help you set up your limited company and process all the documents and permits you need to start operations in the shortest possible time.

Tax Law. We watch over the interests of your corporation by advising you on the tax law and legal responsibilities in Panama.

Intellectual Property. We register and renew your trademarks and intellectual works in Panama to protect the originality of your projects, products or services in the country.

Asset Protection and Estate Planning. We help you protect your assets through the legal mechanisms available, advising you on what is best according to your particular case.

Aeronautical services. We register your vessel under the Panamanian flag and process the documents you need in order to develop commercial activities in Panamanian waters.

The Panamanian economy is backed by the solid US dollar as the legal currency.

We are a country of global importance thanks to the Panama Canal as a road artery of the maritime trade of the Americas.

The processes of incorporation of Limited Companies and overall investment in the country are relatively simple compared to other countries in the region.

Panama City offers an infrastructure, life quality and public services as good as those of North American and European cities for approximately half the cost.

Panama is one of the safest countries in the region.

Panama is in a strategic position in the middle of the American continent, which facilitates its connection to the rest of the Americas by sea and air.

Panama is located in an area free of natural disasters; it is a country with zero seismic activity and is out of the way of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Panama offers benefits to retirees and the elderly, such as discounts and special rates for medical services, transportation and entertainment. Panamanian migration policies make us a perfect destination to retire.

Panama is a geographically diverse country with virgin jungles, beaches, mountains and a modern capital.