Constitution of Corporations

Cambra La Duke & Co. has a Department of Incorporations that carries out the processes of incorporation of Limited Companies and Corporations in Panama, Belize, Dominica, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, and other jurisdictions of convenience.

It should be noted that our firm offers its customers competitive rates, committing to the delivery times of each client, which is why we maintain a prominent position among Panamanian firms in terms of incorporating companies.

In addition, we also offer company administration services, which include intermediation in the opening of bank accounts in Panama, the Caribbean and Europe.

Corporate Law

We focus on complying fully with the criteria of confidentiality, efficiency and responsibility that our clients demand, in matters related to administrative or managerial aspects, through services in areas such as:

  • Contracts and Transactions in Panama and abroad.
  • Joint-Ventures.
  • Fusions and acquisitions.
  • Franchises.
  • Consortiums.
  • Statutes.
  • Shareholder Agreements.
  • Contracts in general.

Intellectual property

Any company wishing to market its products and services in the Republic of Panama, must consider the trademark registration process in order to protect these goods from crimes such as plagiarism, imitation or unauthorized distribution of merchandise. The Republic of Panama, like any other country, offers the possibility of registering trademarks through the Directorate of Industrial Property, of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

At Cambra La Duke & Co. we are trained to provide services in everything related to trademark registration, defense and protection. In this regard, it should be noted that our firm specializes in two areas of Intellectual Property: Computer Law and Sports and Entertainment.

Computer Law

The new technologies have acted as modifiers of the commercial relationships between their different protagonists. In this sense, at Cambra La Duke & Co., we offer legal advice and representation in the field of Electronic Commerce, Computer Contracts, Digital Signature and Electronics, Computer Crimes and Fraud, Computer Security, Copyrights and Registration of Trademarks, and Secrets Commercial, among other associated areas.

Our legal team also has experience in drafting and reviewing Licensing Agreements for Software Development and in advising on issues related to Escrow Contracts for Source Code and Object Code.

Aeronautical services

We also provide services related to aeronautical issues, in accordance with the air transportation facilities offered by the Republic of Panama.

  • Representation before the Civil Aviation Authority for air transport companies and aeronautical personnel.
  • Operation and Exploitation Certificates for all modalities.
  • Inclusion and exclusion of aircrafts.
  • Registration of itineraries and rates.
  • Code-sharing authorization.
  • Charter and special flights.
  • Registration and cancellation of enrollments.
  • Aircraft appraisals and certifications.
  • Changes of operation and owner.
  • Validation of a foreign pilot’s license.

Tax Law

The financial area is always a subject of great sensitivity, due to the constant reforms and changes to the different legislations that regulate it. For this reason, at Cambra La Duke & Co. we keep up to date with the latest details regarding the matter, focusing on offering structures that adapt to our clients’ businesses.

Our tax advisory services include orientation in the conformation of businesses, estates, testamentary successions, research and analysis, advice on the application of Double Taxation Treaties, and Defense before the Tax Authorities.

Currently, Panama has a privileged situation because it maintains a stable and sustained economic growth, a positive degree of investment and an increasing network of Treaties to avoid Double Taxation, the latter factor that contributed to placing Panama on the white list of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Foreign investment

The national government, together with the private business sector, has focused on developing and implementing special legislation that encourages foreigners to invest in our country, thanks to multiple factors that make Panama an attractive destination for the private industry, including:

The privileged geographical location of Panama, modern investment laws, stable financial growth and a competitive banking system, economic and social stability, qualified and available human resources, modern medical and health services, excellent connectivity with a unique logistics platform (Panama Canal, Port System, Interoceanic Railway, area connectivity and road network), low incidence of natural disasters, an economy based on the dollar and positive ratings of Investment Grade.

At Cambra La Duke & Co., we consider it of great importance to be able to advise any investor interested in our country about the advantages it offers, the tax incentives available, and how they can be applied to various business models.

Our specialization in the areas enunciated entails that we also provide legal services in other areas of a more general nature, such as Real Estate Law, Immigration Law, Labor Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, among others.

Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Our specialization in the incorporation of companies, foundations and trusts, has led us to a remarkable growth in the areas of asset protection and estate planning. For more than ten years we have served with our knowledge and experience to our clients, making them not only feel –and be– safe, but also effectively protecting their assets and investments in their own terms.

Sports and Entertainment

We have a structure of advisory services focused on the Sports and Entertainment industry. We regularly advise clients in the structuring and negotiation of sponsorships and other licensing agreements and complex strategic alliances related to intellectual property rights. We also advise on a wide spectrum of topics related to Sports, such as:

  • Review and preparation of contracts for athletes and artists.
  • Sponsorship agreements and other business contracts.
  • Official marks and other protections to the Intellectual Property.
  • Investigations against counterfeits.
  • Broadcasting and television agreements and protection of copyright.
  • Negotiation and formalization of marketing contracts for image rights within the Sports and Entertainment industry.
  • Legal matters of national and international nature.
  • Coordination with third parties in the provision of services such as personal accounting and tax declaration; short, medium and long-term patrimonial planning; financing; acquisition of real estate; family planning and succession; contracting and renewal of insurance.
  • Advice on image and communication.